Trust toolholders made with the same precision as the medical tools they manufacture.


Accuracy and repeatability are never as critical as when it comes to manufacturing medical parts. Industry developments and advanced
research have made parts smaller, but these developments also have increased the complexity and the accuracy requirements for micro-precision manufacturing. Let the leader in micro precision tooling systems become a part of your medical repertoire.


Recommended Toolholders and Rotary Tables
shrink fit holder

Shrink Fit Holders

  • Excellent finishing and ideal for high-speed applications
  • Pre-balanced and balanceable up to 40,000RPM with Lyndex-Nikken's patented balancing system
  • Straight shank, inch and metric sizes available
SK collet chuck

SK Collet Chucks

  • Narrow body allows access to tight spaces and hard to reach areas with ease
  • .0002" run-out high concentricity with repeatability
  • Unique high pressure collant collet system for higher accuracy and gripping torque
ER collet chuck

ER Collet Chucks

  • Use for precision high speed applications up to 18,000 RPM
  • Mechanical sealed coolant thru collet
  • Multi-purpose and trouble free tools
MMC holder

MMC/Insider Collet Chucks

  • No nut, slim and compact body for precision machining with small diameter tools (up to 1/2")
  • Easy to use draw-in collet clamping system
  • .0002" High concentricity with repeatability
VC holder

VC Collet Chucks

  • Ideal for high-speed milling, roughing, and reaming
  • Extra thick body
  • .00012" (3 micron) run-out high concentricity and repeatability
5 AXIS rotary table

5-AXIS CNC Rotary Table

  • Reduce setups and cycle time, increase part accuracy and productivity
  • Patented Solid Carbide Worm System to reduce wear and backlash adjustment
  • Extreme accuracy and precision - 4 arc second repeatability