Customer Testimonials

Lyndex-Nikken has a full roster of satisfied customers thanks to the high quality of our products.

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Variance is The Devil in Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

  • Company: 3V Precision Machining
  • Source: Manufacturing Engineering
  • Reliability is critical in the airline industry. 3V Precision Machining, Inc. specializes in supplying complicated and precise aerospace components machined from the most demanding alloys, metals or plastics. The shop is on a constant mission to ensure reliability in every aspect of the manufacturing process, right down to the toolholder. > Read more...

Accurate Live Tools Save Lives

  • September 2011
  • Company: Paratech Inc.
  • Source: Modern Machine Shop
  • By swapping its previous live toolholders for Mimatic models from Lyndex-Nikken, this manufacturer improved accuracy and rigidity in a critical drilling operation for a life-saving emergency rescue tool. > Read more...

More Bang for Your Bucks: Cost Effective 5-Axis Machining

  • January 2010
  • Company: C&A Tool
  • Source: Modern Machine Shop
  • Integrating Lyndex-Nikken rotary tables into 3-axis Mori Seiki VMCs provided this shop with 5-axis capability at a fraction of the cost of a new 5-axis machine. > Read more...

Making Your Existing Equipment More Productive with Rotary Tables: Small Investment, Big Returns

  • January 2009
  • Company: Machine Diamond Werks
  • Source: Cutting Tool Engineering
  • Diamond Machine Werks was in a fix. For years, the Arlington Heights, Ill., builder of machines for high-speed assembly applications had relied on its 35 machining centers to handle any project that came its way. But in 2007, the pressure of a growing workload revealed a weak link. > Read more...

High-Speed Machining: Holding Steady

  • December 2007
  • Company: DSO Machining & Consulting
  • Source: Cutting Tool Engineering
  • Being a competitive job shop means more than simply making parts. Customers often have limited in-house engineering resources and look to their suppliers for productivity-boosting and cost-reduction recommendations. >Read more...

VMC Pairs With Rotary Table to Deliver Close Tolerances

  • August 2006
  • Company: Henman Engineering and Machine
  • Source: Modern Application News
  • With a VMC/rotary table combination, a job shop specializing in automobile parts was finally able to reach its desired tolerances and cycle times. The new system delivers rigidity, speed and accuracy of setup. > Read more...

Rotary Table Equipped Machining Center Add Value for Investment Caster

  • January 2006
  • Company: Signicast Corporation
  • Source: Modern Machine Shop
  • A specialist in investment castings has invested in making those castings more valuable. Hartford, Wisconsin-based Signicast Corporation recently strengthened its capacity to perform machining on castings in-house so customers can receive a more finished product. > Read more...

From Accessory to Necessity

  • January 2005
  • Company: ADC Diecasting & Manufacturing
  • Source: Cutting Tool Engineering
  • ADC Diecasting & Manufacturing found that rotary tables, often considered a machine tool accessory, were necessary to meet General Motor's expectations for cost, quality and on-time delivery. > Read more...

Carbide Worm Screw System Improves Rotary Tables Life

  • November 2003
  • Source: Modern Machine Shop
  • Mounted in a horizontal or vertical plane, rotary tables can be used to add fourth and fifth axis capability to conventional 3-axis CNC machining centers. This rotary table manufacturer has developed an actuation mechanism that, according to the company, significantly increases the useful life of its rotary tables. > Read more...

Bringing Toolholders Up to Speed

  • September 2000
  • Company: Boeing
  • Source: Modern Machine Shop
  • For the Wichita, Kansas division of aircraft manufacturer Boeing, one aspect of effective high speed machining is finding the right balance. The division machines aluminum at speeds ranging from 15,000 to 40,000 rpm. To cut at high speeds as effectively as possible, Boeing uses both pre-balanced and balanceable toolholders. > Read more...